My horrifying story of Doewillrse Edit

So one day I was just playing Roblox with my friends. We were playing a game of one of them, after a little while everyone left the game cause they needed to go to sleep. So I decided to stay a little bit longer cause It was so fun. Well about an hour after that a player joined the game, his name was "Doewillrise" He said he has no relation to John Doe or the whole theory about him. At first he was quit, not really talking but he was moving. Finally, he came up to me and said, "PR0J3CT" Then I asked him what project? He said "PR0J3CT 415" I still needed more information about it, but as soon as I asked him about what will the project do, he left.  After that I left the game and shut down my computer to go to sleep. About 3 days later I was back playing with my friends in another game, then I saw him. He joined the game, but he teleported me to a game called "PR0J3CT"  I was so scared, I tried closing out of Roblox but it never worked. Finally, he said " The project is a plan," Then I asked him, "What plan?"  But as soon as I said that he said "415" And left the game. He got into my account and changed my body to grey. I never saw him again.

Latest activityEdit

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